Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Snow peas and other garden commentary

Don’t those silly snow peas know it’s mid-August and they should have been done long ago? Not that I’m complaining, mind you. They did get a late start, and maybe they’re confused by climatic ups and downs. The vines on the sunnier side of the planter box are definitely beginning to shrivel up, but still they keep making pods.

Perhaps they’re aware, on some level, of their imminent demise. They’re definitely getting better at hiding the pods under the leaves, with more lurking close to the ground where I’m less likely to spot them. They’re maturing faster, too, as if in a last frenzied rush to reproduce. Sorry,  peas; your only authorized options are on the plate today or into the freezer.

The pumpkins are coming along nicely; zucchini continues to be slow. Okra, beans, peppers and cantaloupe are blossoming. The leaf lettuce, alas, is bolting, but tomatoes are ripening, and the cucumbers continue to be prolific. I shall have to make more sweet relish.

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