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I promised a giveaway to celebrate the August 20 publication of The Hall of Doors, in a five-book print edition. I meant to get this up sooner, but I’ve been dealing with other issues (family stuff, mostly—you know how that goes). So I’m going to run the contest/drawing whatever you choose to call it for a  week past the publication date. It will end at midnight, my time (Pacific Daylight Time) on Wednesday, August 27, 2014. I’ll notify winners ASAP—within a couple of days if I can.  There will be three winners, chosen at random in a drawing. Scroll down for details.


First place: The whole Hall of Doors collection in two reading formats. Autographed paper copies of The Door in the Sky and The Mirror Door (out-of-print singles with J. W. Kalin’s wonderful color covers), and the new Hall of Doors five-book combo; electronic copies of the Hall of Doors three-book combo, The Secret Door, and The Water Door. PLUS paper and electronic copies of Fairy Gold, and a dozen note cards with cover art. PLUS a cat puppet, one of Princess Buttermilk Biscuit’s many friends. And bookmarks. Always bookmarks. (Please note that while I can access everything else right away, there may be some waiting time on the new book, as I have to order copies and then ship to the winner.)

Second Place: Same as above, minus the puppet (I only have one.)

Third Place: The electronic books listed above. If you really, really want bookmarks and promise to share, I will mail you some. 

If anyone else wants autographed copies of any of the paper books, contact me for cost, including shipping, or watch for announcements of in-person sales opportunities. I do plan to be at Rustycon and Norwescon with books and hope to line up other venues. I have only a few left of the original editions of The Door in the Sky and The Mirror Door, and The Mountains of the Moon is no longer available as a single (except at a couple of local schools and libraries), unless someone has a few hidden somewhere.

I will post a link to this blog on both my personal Facebook timeline and my author’s page at You will need to go to the author’s page to enter, so that I’ll have all the entries in one string. I’ll pin the post so it’s easy to find. Like and share the post, and enter the words “free books” in the comments. The drawing entries will be taken from that comment list; I’ll contact the winners for email (for the electronic books) and snail mail addresses. 

That’s all for the contest, but here are some links for the books. I had mixed up some of them in an earlier post when I tried to get too fancy with the listings, so I’m going to keep it simple this time. 

Hall of Doors books 1-3, print and Kindle:

The Secret Door, various electronic formats:

The Water Door, various electronic formats:

Fairy Gold, print and Kindle:

All links have been checked. The “bookgoodies” seems to go to Amazon; I’m not yet familiar with that site, but the publisher furnished the link. It’s on my “to do” list of things to check out.

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