Friday, June 26, 2009

Starting over

I really intended to keep up this blog, but there were always other things clamoring for attention. So I'm starting over, and will endeavor to do better.

Today I updated the home page of my writing web site and followed up with announcements on Facebook, Myspace, and LiveJournal. I think I could easily spend all my time communicating and not get anything else done. How do people manage? Maybe they think and type faster than I do.

I'm looking for suggestion on jazzing up all my sites, the better to publicize my books. Suggestions would be welcome, keeping in mind that I'm not a teenager and feel a bit intimidated by modern communication methods. I want a family-friendly site that will attract more kids and their parents.

The latest news on books: The Door in the Sky should be out next month, The Mirror Door is at the publishers, and book four in The Hall of Doors series is underway. Anita and I finished the "Bless This Home" book and we're starting to look for a publisher.