Monday, March 18, 2013

Review of Manage Your Self-Published Project

author: Hank Quense
ISBN: 978-0985779139
Published by Strange Worlds Publishing

            Hank Quense leads a double life. As a fiction writer, he authors some pretty funny stuff, mostly satirical short stories and books in the fantasy and science fiction genres. I really love his mash-ups of themes from Shakespeare, or Wagnerian opera, as played out by elves, dwarfs, and other denizens of mythical Gunderland or perhaps set in an alternate Earth.  But he also writes books and leads workshops for other writers, guiding them through the basics of assembling a story or book.
            Lately, Hank’s been doing a lot of self-publishing, and has started sharing his hard-earned expertise with others. Manage Your Self-Published Project is an organizational tool, full of “mind-maps” and flow charts as well as lists, the better to connect with whatever format works best for the reader. It still looks like a scary to-do list to me, which is probably why I haven’t yet attempted the daunting task of self-publishing. But it’s a well-organized scary to-do list, with all the bases covered, so you’re less likely to get near the end of the process and suddenly discover you’ve left out some important step that should have been done months ago.  
            If you’re thinking about self-publishing, and want a thoroughly researched checklist to keep you on track, I highly recommend Hank’s book. He’s been there, and has figured out what works.