Saturday, July 12, 2014

Princess Buttermilk Biscuit has a new portrait

Actually, it's the old portrait, but at a higher resolution. Artist J.W. Kalin just brought me a new closeup of the famous cat, taken directly from the cover painting for The Mountains of the Moon. It's going to my publisher, Solstice, for the cover of the new five-in-one edition of The Hall of Doors, which I'm expecting to see released this summer.

Books four and five of the series, The Secret Door and The Water Door, will also be released as individual books for Kindle.

BB is very happy with her new "cover girl" look, and hopes you'll join her on her many adventures with her girl, Sammy.

I need to print more bookmarks, having given away all I had of the popular "kitty" pictures in the last few days, so I'll be updating them for BB's "new look."

Do you want bookmarks to share with friends or maybe a group? Let me know. Besides her lovely Cattiness, I have artwork from all the Hall of Doors books, and from my newest book, Fairy Gold. I'm always happy to share, or to talk to groups (especially kids, but I like adults, too) about my books or writing in general. You can reach me through Facebook or at gramajan500[at]msn[dot]com.